Easthampton Dollars for Scholars

The Greater Easthampton Community has kept the dream of a college education alive for hundreds of students for over 40 years. 

In 1965 a group of forward thinking Easthampton individuals recognized the importance of a new program started in Fall River, MA by Dr. Irving Fradkin.  This program was set up to give money to local students for scholarships to assist these students to further their education.  The first fruits of their labors were scholarships given out in 1966. To date,  Easthampton Dollars for Scholars has awarded over one million dollars in college scholarships. We are proud to note that during this time, over 2500 college scholarships have been awarded to deserving Easthampton residents who have graduated from high school and are furthering their education.
Through community support, Easthampton Dollars for Scholars has responded to an increasing student need for financial assistance.  Every qualified applicant receives a scholarship award.  We have not only made a financial impact on students' college expenses, but also sent a message that our community cares about our students and their future.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for making these dreams a reality.  Without the support of our community and it's leaders none of this would be possible.

Scholarship Requirements:

Must be an Easthampton Resident

Undergraduate Program Only